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Reflections of Writing this Blog and Its Future – No My Future


I am writing this blog because technically this represents the end of my required writings under one of my classes in the UNR MBA program.  I know I mentioned that I would be following up my previous blog entry dealing with questions I have heard about what an Indian Tribe is but because this is my last required assignment for blog writing I wanted to take a moment and reflect on that.

It has been about two months since I started writing my blog on being a tribal leader and the topics that I have written on have varied from tribal leadership, to my upcoming re-election campaign that is now underway (which I have official decided to run for Treasurer again), to personal insights and addressing some tribal issues and matters.  I’ll admit I wasn’t too thrilled about this aspect of the class and having to write on a regular basis (after all I had done 15 years as a grant writer living under ongoing deadlines).

What I discovered though was that it has been a pleasant experience for me.  Writing this blog not only allows me to address topics related to my job, as well as being a tribal leader (and vent some frustrations as well), but to also write about aspects of my life that I normally don’t divulge out to people, including my thoughts on my future direction in my life should I not win re-election.

Will I miss having ongoing deadlines to keep my writing on this blog?  Yes, because on one hand these deadlines forced me to take the time to think about issues in my professional and personal life and then have to write out 2-3 entries per week; and No other the other because sometimes I would hit a writer’s block and sometimes trying to find a subject could result in a blog that seemed forced to me.

So what does this mean for the future of my blog now that I am finishing up my classes and getting ready to graduate?  Well, I’ve been thinking about that and whether I want to keep up this blog.  My answer is that I intend to keep blogging though I may take a little bit more liberties in what I write since it will no longer be graded so that may mean that some topics may be more interesting or more boring (depending on your views).

I’m learned that this blog can represent a good method for keeping my name and exposure in the world of social media and I believe that this is a worthwhile goal so I believe that this blog may continue.  There may be some changes such as in the title of my blog site (especially if don’t win re-election) and I may only write twice a week (instead of the three posts I’m doing now).  But I think that change may be a good thing so I’m looking forward to keeping this new aspect of life going.

So now I would like to thank all of my classmates and instructors in my MBA program I am currently in because it has been an interesting two years of life and I would like to thank everyone in my cohort and at UNR working in the EMBA program for making it enjoyable (even when topics were tough or time constraints drove me up the wall but I’ll admit I’ve looking forward to getting parts of my social life back again).  As I finish the program and get my degree which may lead to possible new directions in my life with this MBA degree, I believe that what I have learned and started in the various classes, as well as the contacts I have made, will serve me well in the future.  Let me end by saying that while this blog may feel like an ending, it’s not, so expect to have new stuff on here hopefully on a regular basis.


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