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Eureka Nevada Bound! Fitting Some Fun around Work & Home Life

Bow Hunting (Copyright: redav / 123RF Stock Photo)

Bow Hunting (Copyright: redav / 123RF Stock Photo)

I know that most people have a hard time taking time off and going for a vacation from work and home responsibilities because either we have too much stuff going on or in some cases our work has almost become impossible to escape (with the ongoing use of smartphones and social media that keep us connected).

I wish I could say that I was different but I fall into some of the same categories above I mentioned.  But for one week out of every year I get the ability to leave it all behind – not necessary by choice though.  You see in a couple of weeks I head out for my annual deer hunting trip and get to spend a week up in the mountains around Eureka, Nevada where there is almost no cellular service (and most of the time the signal I get only allows for limited text messages).

Prior to becoming an elected official (or a politician if I have to use the word) I wasn’t that worried about disconnecting from everything and heading out into the wilderness.  But since I was elected and my responsibilities greatly increased I noticed that every time I went out I would be getting numerous texts to call the office or that I had to check my email.  For the first two deer hunting seasons I kept hopping on my quad and running down to find the one spot I get some service on my smartphone to keep up.  That changed though last deer hunting season.

I realized that I wasn’t the only one who could handle matters and that’s way I had a designated person in my office to handle the day-to-day affairs while I was gone.  I also realized that the stuff that was supposedly some important where primarily matters that were important to one person but could have waited till I got back to address (but the person didn’t want to wait).

So last year that’s what I did and though there were some mad people when I got back I had to realize that everyone needs a break from work (or home) to not only retain their sanity, but to recharge themselves.   So here are my tips for handling vacation and work/home issues.

  1. As Nike says just do it – Taking work or home issues with you is just going to distract you from enjoying yourself and to be honest there is probably very little you can do if you are outside the area. Most issues can wait till you are back and most of us probably have a person we have delegated to handle the day-to-day matters so let them do it.
  2. Disconnecting Won’t Kill You – I know most of us feel nervous if we don’t have any connection to our work/home but sometimes you got to let that go and enjoy yourself. Technology is a great thing by keeping us connected but it also makes a slave to it if you are unable to separate yourself every now and then.
  3. Have Fun – Sounds simple but I know that I was stressing every now and then when I was disconnected and out on vacation about the what-if’s that might be occurring.
Roberts Creek, Eureka, NV

Roberts Creek, Eureka, NV

Basically in simple terms let it go, enjoy yourself, and tell yourself that the issues you are concerned about will still be there when you get back and you can address them at the point, but for now you got family and friends that probably would like to have you around and enjoying yourself instead of staring at a screen for your vacation. Let me know your thoughts or tips for separating yourself from work/home issues and going on a vacation.

(P.S. if any readers are familiar with the Eureka, Nevada area let me know of any good areas with creeks around.  I usually camp out in Robert’s Creek area but looking for a new camping spot – preferably near the Diamonds or Newark area.  Okay that ends my bit of scourging for personal information for this blog).


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