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What Are the Priorities in Your Life?


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me my life seems to be a constant whirlwind of activities – from my full-time job as Treasurer, my volunteer service on my Tribe’s economic development corporation, my personal life, and my classes with the MBA Program. With all of these areas tugging at the limited amount of time I have in a day, sometimes certain activities either have to suffer because I can’t give my full attention or some items get overlooked completely.

I’m one of those people, though, that will still try to get everything done regardless how much I spend on them and that tends to impact me in ways that probably aren’t good – lack of sleep is the main one (though I remember being in my 20’s and being able to go out all night long and then go to work or school with maybe an hour of sleep – guess age has a way of telling you to slow it down).

Recently though two things happened that have reminded me that sometimes I need to be willing to say either no to certain stuff or realize that despite my desire that I need to prioritize what is important to me (either for that day or week). Today and tomorrow my niece is playing her final softball tournament for possibly the rest of the year and also today is a mud bug event that my brother spends all year looking forward to. Well these two events are occurring today and my brother choose to go to his daughter’s game because even though there may be some other tournaments he could watch her at, he decided that her event is more important than his event. Second while I was doing some tweeting for one of my MBA classes, I ran into a quote that made me stop and take a second to think about what my priorities are. The tweet was:


What I learned in the past 24 hours is that I need to find the right balance for me to handle everything that is going on and come to the realization that nobody can do it all and if you try to you’re only going to fail or hurt yourself or those around you. Sometimes, though, in determining what your priorities are there is something that going to be left out in the process but accepting that fact will make the decision a bit more acceptable (but it may not be easy). I also learned that determining what your priorities are going to be is not a long-term plan, but rather should be looked at as your life determines (for me this means setting my priorities on a daily basis).

The final thing that I learned is not to try to set your priorities (on whatever schedule you use) while you’re in the middle of one of your activities because that will only muck it up and not allow us to look at everything going on in an unbiased approach. This is why, like Kyle Idleman said, you need to being with some solitude and silence (more than likely in the morning before everything starts happening) and for me this is probably where I will find the realization of what my priorities will be for that day.

Sound likes a lot work and it probably will be, but I think this type of an approach will better serve all of the activities in my life and probably enhance them in the end. I know that myself and my other colleagues in MBA program have experienced the issue of balancing one’s life when there is so much going on, but I’m hoping that this new approach will prove to be successful to me.

If someone though has a comment on it or has stumbled upon a better process I would love to hear about it.


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