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Is Life Calling Your Name? A Renewed Realization and Focus


A couple of weeks ago I used a video clip to explore my future and then went through a lot of situations at my work which heavily influenced my blog topics as I dealt with problems, issues, and dysfunction in the workplace, while also handling the death of our tribal members.  Sometimes being in a position of leadership in a political body can sometimes suck the life right out of you because no matter what you do, one side or the other is going to come after you.

So after another trying week dealing with issues and people, working with families and staff on providing burial assistance to two of our members (including one is one who was a trusted elder and a family friend who help me and family when my parents died when I was a kid), and having the opening of nominations for my positions (and three others on a seven-member Council), I really needed to get some focus back but wasn’t sure how.  For me music is strong part of my life and now and then a song will bring back a memory and help snap me back to reality.

Driving home I had my phone linked up to my car stereo and a song came on that made me realize that I had been looking at the upcoming election and focused on losing my job, that many of the initiatives and enhancements I had done may be undone or reversed, and concern for my staff who could be subject to political retaliation.  Even my earlier blog inspired by another song had reflected some of my concern about the choices that I could face if I lost and the negatives associated with it, even though I mixed it up with some positive items such as my completion of the EMBA program at UNR.

As the song “Life is Calling My Name” by Shane Yellowbird was on and I sang along (which only happens in my car, sorry no karaoke for me), it hit me – regardless of what happens in October at our tribal election and whether I win or lose that I had already won on another front.  Getting my MBA degree and successfully completing my first term have given me the direction, the knowledge, and foresight to choose from a number of new paths.  If I run and get reelected then what I’ve won will only serve to improve and enhance even more the services of my office and expand my programs to meet the needs of our tribal members.  If I lose then I start searching for a new job but I’ve gained experience, education, and now the contacts and connections that will make that process easier.

As I was clearing my head and thinking about my future, a verse from that song stuck with me and and served to refocus and re-energize me:

“The road ahead is all I see
Good times waiting my arrival
It’s been a long time coming
My revival
Life is calling my name
Ain’t never gonna be the same”

I wonder, though, how many other people are in the same situation where everything around them is going by like a speeding train and forget to stop, take a quick assessment of their lives, and see that maybe there’s something else waiting for them.

(Of course since I finished up writing about my re-finding myself in the midst of chaos, I’m putting the link in below to the song that inspired this blog entry and yes it’s another country song, but this time a shameless plug for a great Native American country singer)


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