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Put It Into Drive – Looking at the Road Ahead


After my last blog a couple of days ago about negative campaigning and my thoughts on dealing with people who attack people based on their own personal hatred, I spent part of the time evaluating my future.  I will be finish up my MBA degree at UNR in August and then my term will end as Treasurer for my Tribe in October (if I don’t run for reelection or if I lose).  It appears that I may be at a crossroads in terms of my employment future.

A few months ago I heard a song (and its become one of my favorites) called “Put It Into Drive” by Doc Walker and the first line of song goes “put it into drive, take it for a ride, here you are at the crossroads of your life, there’s a highway waiting on you”.  I didn’t think a song would lead to a blog entry but when I was listening to it over the weekend I realized that many of lyrics were speaking to what I’ve been thinking and feeling recently.

As upcoming fall season starts I see a crossroad coming up pretty fast and that has me already thinking about my future.  I believe that my years of experience in contracts & grants management and the knowledge learned in the past four years as a political official coupled with my MBA degree will open up new opportunities for me.

Going back to my blog inspiration another verse goes “stand up tall, on the hood of that car, scream out loud and find out who you are and where you are going to”.  While I haven’t hopped up on my truck hood, I think this upcoming crossroad will have me accessing my comfort levels.  Of course I’m nervous about the prospect of possibly not having a job in a few months and that I may be embarking in a new direction for my life but the bigger challenge that I foresee is how far am I willing to go on a new road.  Do I leave my family and friends here in northern Nevada since I’m a Native Nevada who was born and lived in this area all my life for a possible bigger opportunity somewhere else or do I settle for something less then I want to remain close to where I feel comfortable with a support system of family/friends (as well as having a paid-off house).

I think I am having some of the same feelings I had when I graduated from high school as my upcoming graduation from UNR’s MBA Program approaches – excitement and nervousness as a possible new chapter begins to unfold.  I don’t know exactly which road I may end up on in the next few months or where it will lead me to, but I do believe that it’s going to be an interesting journey.  For now, though, I need to focus on completing my short-term task both in my class and my elected position, but as these next 3-4 months come and go also look at the opportunities that may arise and present themselves to help my when I reach that crossroad and see approaching.  With that I go back to the song which got me thinking and which started this blog – this blog started with the opening line of that song and the last verse is the same thing except its ends with a question:  “Put it into drive, take it for a ride, here you are at the crossroads of your life, what you going to do?”


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