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Tribal Representation – A Traveler’s Tale

Cook Inlet - Anchorage

Cook Inlet – Anchorage

My first blog entry. Sounds easy enough but sitting here and thinking about how I want my blog to start our and develop is an important task. Do I want to focus on my personal life or by professional career. Sitting here though in my hotel room in Anchorage Alaska while attending an important conference I realized that my work and educational pursuits would the best subjects to cover. Why? Simply between working full-time as the Treasurer for the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe, as well as my service on the Tribe’s economic development arm, the federally-charted Fallon Tribal Development Corporation, and my current path in working towards my MBA degree at the University of Nevada, Reno, I realize that I really don’t have much of a personal life right now.

I have taken on a lot of professional endeavors currently but this is part of life – setting goals, objectives, and priorities and then working hard to achieve it. At my current point in life I have been focused on these professional objectives, but with my MBA program winding down and an upcoming election for the Treasurer position I currently hold, the situation may change.

Enough of that for right now, though, let’s focus on today. Today and for the rest of the week I am in Anchorage at the mid-year session of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). What is NCAI? It is an organization that is comprised of most of the Indian Tribes in the United States and is committed towards improving conditions on the Tribe – politically, socially, and economically. Tomorrow as the mid-year session commences I look forward to being able to network with other tribal leaders to discuss the pressing issues in Indian Country, as well as perhaps get some information that I can utilize to improve conditions at my own Tribe. And that’s why we have these regular sessions – to come together as representatives for various tribal government and work towards solutions. We may not always agree and differences may arise but I believe that we all want the same thing – to see our Tribe and out people succeed.

As both the Treasurer for my Tribe (an elected leader) and as the President for the Fallon Tribal Development Corporation, economic development is a strong priority that I believe in and guides many of my decisions. I am looking forward towards ways to make my Tribe and my people more self-sufficient and to strengthen our sovereignty and self-determination, while also working to protect and preserve the values and traditions that our ancestors have passed down to us.

I could ramble on for a while, but I want to keep my first blog somewhat short. Basically what I’m saying is that this blog represents my thoughts and issues as I press forwards in my professional activities – from my Tribe, its economic development arm, as well as in my educational pursuits. Goal and objective setting at crucial to determining one’s direction in this world and while the path may not always be clear I know that as long as I do what is right for myself and those I represent then I will press forward looking to meet those goals and then creating new ones.


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  1. Jeff Tenenbaum says:

    Thank you for your post, I look forward to learning more about the tribe.

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